One of my key passions in this campaign is that transparency makes everything better.  In that spirit, join me over the next 3 months for an all-access look at a local political campaign.  I'll be blogging from a behind the scenes perspective to give an insight to what this has all been like.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, not only about my campaign but also how the campaign has come together - or anything else really.  I will endeavour to follow up with an article, image gallery, video, message, or even a chat over a coffee.

Recent posts

  • I’ve been spending a bit of time up at Hall recently.  They have their own unique challenges and requirements from their representation.  I’ve also been spending a lot of time putting up and fixing broken roadside signs – there has to be a better way to get my message heard!
  • On the ballot paper

    On the ballot paper

    Today I took my nomination form in to Elections ACT, complete with 20 signatures from the community.  That’s something that the party candidates don’t get the privilege of doing.  We ran through a checklist while my form was reviewed, and after 15 simple minutes, the decision came back – I’m …
  • New faces, old places

    New faces, old places

    Last night I was on the panel at another Yerrabi meet the candidates forum, this time hosted by the Catholic Education Office.  The questions were mostly directed at the policies of the major parties, though there was time to mingle afterward and I had some positive conversations and introductions.  This …
  • Refining campaign material

    Refining campaign material

    Having publically announced my candidacy, many more people have suddenly taken an interest in what I have to say.  Many are supportive, but even still, there is a new level of analysis applied to everything I say. I gave my first interview as a candidate (seeing the article in print …
  • First day campaigning

    First day campaigning

    All my stuff fits in the Mini!  While I was collecting my signs and whiteboard my car was in the shop so I was borrowing a larger car.  It didn’t click until I picked it up again yesterday that things may not fit.  The child seat had to come out of …
  • Technical difficulties, overcome

    Technical difficulties, overcome

    Wow, what a day Friday was. Putting the finishing touches on my website and social media pages was a nightmare!  Facebook decided that me changing the name of my page meant that it had to stay offline for a week, so I had to recreate it from scratch, hours before …
  • One week to go

    One week to go

    The website is almost ready to launch!  Some pages will be an ongoing effort during the campaign, but I’m very happy with how it has come together.  The more I wrote, the more I wanted to say.  Thanks to my small army of volunteers for proof-reading content, critiquing website photos, and …