Living in a townhouse in Palmerston, my wife and I had been looking to buy a house to settle down in and raise a family. 18 months and a daughter later, we still hadn’t found the right house at an affordable price, so we decided to build.  We found the perfect block for us in Crace, and spent another 18 months designing, waiting, and building.

During the build, the land developers of Crace did their best to build a community.  They regularly had jumping castles, face painting and other kids activities.  They helped people form community connections.  There were extravagant Christmas parties in the park.  Then, they left.  I wanted my children to have that strong community as they grew up, and I knew that someone would have to stand up and help that happen.

I have been president of the Crace Community Council for over 18 months now and have enjoyed every minute.  I’ve met so many neighbours from all walks of life, and really feel a sense of belonging here.  My family participates in the community, and we are all proud of what has grown here.

Once the community had this platform, it quickly became clear that people here wanted to use that platform to ensure their voice was heard where it mattered.  I’ve developed relationships with local residents and businesses to help everyone get the most out of their suburb.  Local businesses support our community groups, and our community supports our local businesses.

I took our suburban concerns to the Gungahlin Community Council, and saw another opportunity to be involved.  I currently sit as Treasurer of the Gungahlin Community Council, though will have to step down from that role as the election approaches (it’s in our constitution).  I engaged the community on issues such as parks, public spaces and roads, and took this feedback directly to public service directors, for example that of Roads ACT.  I’ve had the opportunity to speak regularly with current ministers and members of our legislative assembly from both major parties.

After seeing what our community wants and being given the chance to represent these views locally and regionally, I feel I want to do more.  Yerrabi can be better represented in the Legislative Assembly by electing a local independent candidate who only has the electorate’s interests to pursue, rather than party policy. I implore you to consider all our candidates on their merits, and vote accordingly.