My daughter goes to public school and my son will soon follow.  Public education is of critical importance to me, and to the future of Canberra.  We simply need to be producing the best graduates possible.

I volunteer on my P&C executive committee, and I attend the Canberra-wide P&C Council meetings.  I also attend parent forums for the Schools for All program.  At P&C Council general meetings, we discuss and agree on key points to push for the election, and my position begins there.

Support for every student.  The new ACT Government must pressure for full Gonksi funding, ensure the recommendations of the Review into Students with Complex Needs and Challenging Behaviour are fully implemented, fund a program to attract specialist teachers and fund liaison officers for schools with many migrant families.

Safe school roads.  Traffic congestion and student safety must be addressed by funding a trial of supervised school crossings, and immediate action taken to resolve traffic and parking issues at affected schools.

Strong parent bodies.  Parties must commit to boosting volunteer skills and numbers in schools and provide administrative assistance to parent bodies running school services.

Better facilities.  Our schools need greater investment in IT equipment and an accelerated program of school upgrades so that within two years all school buildings and facilities are at a high standard.

Co-ordinated management.  Schools need stronger leadership from the Education Directorate, and better coordination between Directorates on all matters affecting schools and education.

Quoted from ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations.

Personally, I believe in the power of communities.  As such, empowering parent bodies is one of my key passions.  I also see massive room for improvement in coordinated management, especially as the Directorate has mandated the roll-out of BYOD policies across public schools but failed to back it up with transparent, Directorate-wide management.