Community Matters

As an independent, I believe my strongest value will be in influencing how policy is made, regardless of what that policy is.  I value evidence-based policy and strong community engagement, and believe we can do better in these regards.

Nonetheless, it is still helpful to understand what type of person I am.  These are some of the policies I believe in myself, though as a representative I also believe it is my duty to listen, understand and most importantly represent your point of view.  I stand by my beliefs publically and am willing to discuss them with anyone, though I am always open to alternate points of view.  I am willing to admit I didn’t have all the evidence to back up a particular position, and change my mind when presented with new evidence.

I believe this is core to being a member of the Legislative Assembly – to truly speak with and for the people.

Master planning and infrastructure considerations
Gungahlin has had poorly implemented suburb after road after suburb. We need to learn from the past and plan our future.
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Anti-corruption measures for our ACT government
The Australian Capital Territory along with the Northern Territory are the only two self-governing Australian states/territories not to have an independent body to investigate corruption. Why?
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Gungahlin population projections indicate we need more school capacity at all year levels.  The government has promised 1,000 places in the primary years, but is not addressing college capacity.  Gungahlin College runs classes until 8pm on Wednesdays to cope with enrolment levels.
In addition, schools in Kaleen and Giralang are needing attention, particularly with the development of Lawson.

As part of my school’s P&C, and through attending Canberra-wide P&C Council meetings, my policy generally aligns with that of the council.  It is a representative body that does a good job of representing school communities.
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Gungahlin has grown to the point where we need additional health care resources.  With the construction of a new hospital in Belconnen, Gungahlin is unlikely to get funding for one soon.  The next best thing is a nurse-led walk-in clinic.

We all have the right to feel safe in our homes and communities.  Gungahlin has experienced so much growth and has more to come, and we need to ensure our police force grows with us.

Community Association Network
A passion of mine is having strong community networks. I have seen first hand the difference it can make.  We can achieve great things when we live, work and play together.

Light Rail
Now that contracts have been signed, the question is no longer “do we need a light rail in Canberra?”, but rather “how do we get the most from our investment?”.  Infrastructure projects like light rail can be a huge boon to communities, but must be implemented in a way that is community-driven.  The last thing anyone wants is discarded and decrepit infrastructure.
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Transparency and accountability in government
Alongside an independent body to investigate corruption, other transparency measures can be implemented across all government policies.

Productivity study with the view to improve work-life balance (by choice)
International studies and trials have shown that the 40 hour work week is not optimal.  We can achieve greater productivity by being at the office less.  The key is to maintain quality of life and improve work-life balance, not simply reduce pay for reduced hours.  Benefit the people, not the corporations.
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Use of automation to improve quality of life
In 10 years, many jobs will be automated and workers made redundant.  In 20 years, even more jobs will be affected.  This is a turning point for society, and if embraced and managed, can lead to an improved quality of life, not crippling unemployment.

The shape of Yerrabi
Due to legislative requirements, what was intended to be a Gungahlin electorate also includes the bordering suburbs of Kaleen, Giralang, Lawson, McKellar and Evatt.  These established suburbs have their own concerns and need to be represented accordingly. The district of Hall is also unique and needs adequate representation.
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