Something that has been brought up with me a few times, and it pretty clear to see for myself, is that not all the issues of the previous electoral boundaries have been fixed with the redistribution.  To fit within legislated requirements, as well as best practice considerations, the majority Gungahlin based electorate of Yerrabi includes the District of Hall and five Belconnen suburbs: Kaleen, Giralang, Lawson, McKellar and Evatt.

These suburbs are at a significantly different stage to the rest of the electorate, with different requirements, problems, and positives.  The oldest suburb in Gungahlin – Palmerston – was gazetted in 1994.  Kaleen, Giralang and McKellar were all gazetted 20 years earlier, on the same day in 1974, and Evatt was in 1972.  Hall is in a league of its own!

So what happens to these established suburbs in an electorate dominated by Gungahlin suburbs?  Well, asking them, they get forgotten.

Giralang and McKellar have former shops that are now derelict.  Kaleen and Giralang schools are about to bear the education load for Lawson.  These suburbs are ready for urban renewal and reinvigoration.

I grew up in Kaleen and my parents still live there.  I have family and friends in McKellar, Evatt, and Kaleen. I played soccer at Giralang in years gone by, and spent a lot of time there during my university years. I have fond memories and current day interactions with these suburbs, and I will ensure they are represented.