Many of us work very hard to provide food on the table and a roof over our heads.  Most families will have two incomes to pay the bills, even if it means most of one pay going to child care.

What if there was another way?

Successful studies, trials and outright implementations in other parts of the world strongly suggest that shorter working weeks return greater productivity.  Many western cultures are implementing flexible working options, but they usually mean sacrificing a portion of one’s wages for a proportional amount of time off work.  For equal or greater productive output, why should we suffer a reduced quality of life?

I believe a long term, culture-challenging goal of reducing the working week while maintaining quality of life (including wages) is a noble one.  Not only is this a noble goal, I think it is achievable.  We should all have the choice to work less than we do now, to choose to tilt the work/life balance toward “life”.  Some will choose to fill their extra time with more work to receive more wages, and power to them.  I believe though that a good quality of life should be attainable while working shorter weeks than we do now.

This would require a massive cultural change, and would take quite some time to implement.  The first step is a study into how other cultures have already succeeded in this area, and if those lessons apply to us here in the ACT.