“I am so over the roadside spam – it’s not even October yet!
Do politicians not realise – people don’t make up their political opinion judging on who’s face they’ve seen the most on the side of drakeford drive at 80km/hr?”
– Reddit user /u/Br0z0

I get it.  I didn’t plan on putting up roadside signs (known as corflutes) – to me they are an uninformative eyesore.  The major parties spend countless dollars, producing plastic board after board for the roadside and pamphlet after pamphlet to fill our mailboxes.  The only winners are Bunnings and whoever supplies their garden stakes.
Not only are the public nuisance and environmental pollution elements of these advertising methods unwanted by the community, the cost can prohibit competition from minor parties and independents.  This is unhealthy for our democracy.
For newcomers and independent alike, these traditional battlegrounds can be the best way to get raise our profile.  If we are to reduce the physical election material, we must also address the power of incumbency at election time.  It is also unhealthy for democracy to have a stale, complacent government.  I do not support term limits; however, I do believe that a sitting MLA’s performance should be half of their campaign.
If elected, I am committed to:

  • Limiting the quantity and locations of roadside election material on public land.
  • Limiting the quantity of pamphlets each candidate may deliver to your mailbox.
  • Reducing incumbent MLAs campaign spending cap compared to unelected candidates. This is in conjunction with the
  • Working with independents and minor parties to make sure they are fairly represented at election time.

These measures are good for the community, good for the environment, and good for democracy.