Adequate resourcing for Police

We all deserve to feel safe and protected in our homes, neighbourhoods, and workplaces.

The Gungahlin Police Station is housed in the Gungahlin joint emergency services centre, and shares the space with 4 other services. It was designed as a part time station to suit a population a fraction of what Gungahlin has today.

It’s time that Gungahlin Police are properly resourced to protect our homes, open spaces, and local businesses. We should feel safe to go about every part of our lives.

Locals often raise with me the apparent increase in visible crime in our neighbourhoods, particularly in West Gungahlin where some residents have longer response times than if police are coming from the Belconnen station.

These suburbs are hurting. In an emergency rapid response times can mean the difference between life and death, especially in domestic violence situations.

As well as a proper police station, Gungahlin Police need to be adequately resources with cars, equipment, and staff.

The mental health of our police force is also paramount. The AFP have good internal mechanisms to address mental health concerns, but proper resourcing can address problems before they begin. If we show our police that they and their work is valued, we can have a well-adjusted and healthy police force working with the community to create a safer region.


  • Securing funding for a purpose built Police Station for Gungahlin.
  • Working with the local community and the AFP to determine what other resources are needed to lower response times.
  • Consulting with the local community about their views on local policing, and what areas need improvement.
  • Relying on evidence, data, and statistics to inform decisions.

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