Airsoft in Canberra

Airsoft in Canberra

A resident has lobbied for the legalisation in the ACT of the skirmish and target sport known as “Airsoft”. Currently, the Firearms and Prohibited Weapons Act 1997 and the Firearms Act 1996 bans Airsoft markers. This is primarily because they have the appearance of firearms.

We spoke of the sport, and what the hopeful participants would be willing to do to alleviate concerns. There is a strong willingness to address all concerns, including:

  • Keeping markers locked in an armory on-site at designated playing venues,
  • Keeping markers locked in a weapon safe at home when not in use,
  • Transporting markers in a vehicle safe to and from a playing venue,
  • Meeting the same appearance guidelines as paintball and other comparable sports,
  • Licencing requirements
  • Registration requirements

There appears to be a good-faith willingness from hopeful participants in the sport to work within fair guidelines.

I support the freedom of people to participate in activities that do not cause harm to others. Airsoft certainly fits in that category.

The required legislation changes are in the federal and territory Firearms Acts. As such, I am not yet prepared to make an election commitment to legalising this sport. I am prepared to continue positive discussions with representatives from the sport, and to continue to research in good faith.

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