Pedal Power candidate survey

Pedal Power candidate survey

This is my response to the Pedal Power ACT candidate survey 2020.

Will your party support a comprehensive condition assessment of the entire ACT path network, and a rolling program of proactive maintenance?


Quality and reliable infrastructure is part of the picture to enabling Active Travel as a main choice of transport. My campaign is based around “prevention is better than the cure”, and this applies to proactive maintenance of cycling infrastructure.

Will your party commit to supporting a rapid, separated cycling corridor between Woden and the city?

Agree in principal

I support the idea of rapid, separated cycling corridors. Given Woden is not in my electorate (Yerrabi) I am not familiar with the specific needs of those residents. I implore everyone to seek out a local Independent or Minor Party to address local issues.

Will your party support an increase in the capital budget for active travel to enable further development of Canberra’s path network, including improved connections, reduced path congestion, and upgrades to unsafe intersections?

Agree in principal

I would like to see more people choosing Active Travel. I recognise some of the hurdles are overcome with additional funding.

As an Independent, I will not be in a position to set budgets. I will be in a position to advocate for the outcomes and scrutinise the budget prepared by government.

Will your party support legislating specific targets to increase cycle commuting during the term of the next government?


I would like to explore every avenue to increasing cycling (and other Active Travel) commuting rates. I would legislate specific targets, and would liaise with Pedal Power ACT to develop this legislation.

How will your party fund or support the promotion and incentivisation of commuting by bike?

I have been running a survey to identify blockers for commuters from choosing Active Travel. It is important to listen to the community on what is stopping them from cycling to work. Additional funding is less effective unless it is well targeted.

I have also proposed a Bike to Work scheme to support beginner cyclists in building confidence in cycling to work.

Will your party support ongoing funding for a program of education and enforcement of minimum passing distance laws?


Laws without education and enforcement only cause confusion. In the case of interactions between cyclists and drivers, that confusion can cause serious injury or death.

Will your party develop/support a program of works for ACT country roads, based on an assessment of risk, to improve rider safety?

Agree in principal

I support the concept, though it has not been a factor in my campaign to date. I would be open to further discussion with Pedal Power ACT on the topic.

How will your party develop or support initiatives to increase the number of cycling visitors and their length of stay in Canberra?

Area for future policy development

I have no specific policy to answer this question, though would like to develop one in future. I support the principal of attracting a range of visitors to Canberra, including cycling visitors.

I generally support the suggestions of Pedal Power ACT and the Stromlo Forest Park User Group.

Will your party support implementation of the Stromlo Forest Park master plan?


I strongly support a comprehensive, community driven approach to master planning for the ACT. Residents across the ACT are constantly predicting poor outcomes that are attributed to poor planning.

Stromlo Forest Park is no different.

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