World-class police station delivered through Public Private Partnership

World-class police station delivered through Public Private Partnership

A Public Private Partnership will deliver a world-class public facility at minimum risk and upfront cost to ratepayers. There will be a strong focus on enabling community-oriented policing.

The first announcement of my campaign was that I would commit to adequate resourcing for police in Yerrabi, including a new, purpose-built police station. While I support a well equipped police force throughout Canberra, my focus is on Yerrabi.

If elected, I will look for a major party to support my commitment to deliver a world-class police station in Gungahlin through a Public Private Partnership procurement model. Using a PPP model means that funding and risk for the project can be shared with the private sector.

Once complete, ongoing maintenance of the Police station will also be the responsibility of the private sector. Police will be confident of having a high standard of Police station for the duration of the PPP.

The PPP will leverage our land asset to fund the Policing needs for decades to come. The space above our current police stations goes unused, and can generate enough funds to deliver a cost-neutral yet world-class police station. This will help keep rates low while also addressing crime in Yerrabi.

Development features

This development will be a landmark building for Gungahlin. It will set the benchmark for any further development in the area. Gungahlin – and indeed the whole of Canberra – has had enough of low quality density. I will insist on proponents using leading design standards.

The first stages of the PPP process determine the final design and inclusions. I suggest however that the bottom two floors could be dedicated to ACT Policing. Car parking and commercial space would also be required. Finally, residential apartments or other community facilities could complete the building, based on proposals submitted by developers.

The successful design will foster community-oriented policing. Police and community actively working together helps to prevent crime and make safer communities.

Other benefits

By approaching the need for a new Police station with a bigger picture perspective, we can bring more local jobs to Gungahlin. I support empowering private sector opportunities to grow the Canberra economy for all of us.

The development will include shared community spaces such as a cafe. Members of the public can have a “soft introduction” to Police, and both parties can develop a community connection.

Government procurement should constantly be looking at ways to reduce the upfront and ongoing cost to the ACT, as well as delivering world-best infrastructure. A PPP model is not always appropriate for this, however I believe it is appropriate here. To ensure it is, the business case will be publicly released.


  • Determine the best land available for this development, in partnership with ACT Policing and the Yerrabi community.
  • Begin Expression of Interest then Request for Proposal phases for a PPP as soon as possible.
  • Share the proposed designs with the community to help guide selection of the final design.


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