The height of arrogance: do as I say, not do as I do.

The height of arrogance: do as I say, not do as I do.

Two Labor MLAs have been caught breaking their own law about election signs on the Light Rail corridor.

Labor have been cracking down on small businesses on the Light Rail corridor putting out signage. Last month I wrote about the ranger warning Cookies Cycles for his movable A-frame sign. It is no longer legal for Cookie to place his sign at the entry to the service road off Flemington Drive (read the blog post here).

Fast forward a month to the first day that candidates can put up election signs. Two different Labor MLAs both had signs up in the very same spot.

Incumbent government representatives breaking their own law is bad. Rubbing salt in the wound for a family owned local business is completely unacceptable. Cookies Cycles deserves an apology, and a commitment from the MLAs in question to find a solution to the problem they created in the first place.

They obviously believe that signage on the Light Rail corridor is fine for them. Is it a case of “do as I say, not do as I do”, or did they not understand their own law? Arrogance, or ignorance?

Liberals are just as bad, placing signs on Barton Highway is against the same regulation. This is election 101 stuff, and the Liberals should know better too.

Either way, enough is enough. The Labor/Greens coalition has had its day, but the Liberals are missing in action. As a local Independent, I can and will hold both sides of politics to standards we all expect.

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