It’s time for change – the 2024 ACT Election is here

It’s time for change – the 2024 ACT Election is here

One hundred days to go! It’s another ACT Legislative Assembly election! People have been saying “It’s time for change” regarding the ACT government for some time, but in 2024 that message is coming through stronger than ever. Labor have been in power too long, Greens have hitched themselves firmly to that wagon, and Liberals are bystanders.

It’s time for change, and not just swapping one political machine for a different one. It’s time to change the whole political landscape.

I’m running again as an Independent, though this time with a group called Independents for Canberra (or IFC for short). A bigger version of the party I created in 2020, Independents for Canberra seeks to support and strengthen community based independent candidates in the upcoming election. There is no party line to toe, and all candidates are free to represent their electorates however they see fit. Indeed, it is a requirement of party membership that candidates do put their community first, even before the party itself.

This is the same concept as when I registered David Pollard Independent as a party in 2020. That is, IFC is not a political machine, it is a grouping of individuals who have made a commitment to the below 10 core principles.

These principles are the same ones that I have lived through previous elections, and beyond. They are easy for any politician to say, but harder to live. The major parties have lost sight of some of these, or they just don’t feel the need to uphold them anymore. Together we can tell them that’s not good enough!

  1. Every voice is heard:
    We will strive to ensure nobody gets ignored or left behind.
  2. No vested interests: 
    We will base our decisions solely on the needs of our communities.
  3. Empowering locals: 
    We will support local initiatives, businesses and community organisations.
  4. Accessibility: 
    We will be active participants in community life, prioritising direct contact with the residents of our electorates.
  5. Hard work: 
    We will fight for the ACT with unflagging energy and a focus on delivering results.
  6. Integrity: 
    We will follow through on our commitments, be accountable to our community and admit to any mistakes.
  7. Long-term thinking: 
    We will look beyond the election cycle, taking actions for a better present and future.
  8. Evidence-based policy:
    We will ground policy in evidence and update our positions when new evidence emerges.
  9. Collaboration:
    We will work constructively with each other and with other MLAs whenever possible.
  10. Independence:
    We will operate and vote as independents, remaining free to disagree.

Read more about the group at www.independentsforcanberra.com

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