Why Independent, why me?

I value evidence-based policy.  We don’t have to guess what will work well when we are willing to learn from mistakes – both our own, and those of others.

I have voted Liberal, and I have voted Labor.  I have voted for Greens, minor parties, and Independent candidates. I’ve come to realise I don’t fit any of the moulds laid out in front of me, and I’ve seen that many others in the community feel the same.  In a two-party system, we want the best of both worlds, and a strong crossbench is the way to achieve that.

Our representatives should work together to deliver the best legislation for the people, regardless of which side proposes an idea.  Negotiation and compromise can usually deliver the best outcomes for the most people.  Our legislators should not be serving a subset of us being only their voters, but rather should be supporting all of society.  With representation from only two major parties, too often we see black and white decisions, rather than considering all the brightly coloured options in the middle.

An Independent is answerable strictly to the people they represent – that’s it.  Every issue can be considered on its own merits without having to toe a party line.  Independents aren’t censored when speaking to the community either directly, online, or via traditional media.

Left unchecked by a strong crossbench, I don’t believe we get the best out of the major parties.  I believe I can bring that, and more, to the Assembly.