Policies and platforms

I am running in the ACT Legislative Assembly election because I believe a locally focussed Independent can bring attention to local issues that have are neglected by the major parties, while adding scrutiny to Canberra-wide issues.

As an independent, I believe my strongest value will be in influencing how policy is made, regardless of what that policy is.  I value evidence-based policy and strong community engagement, and believe we can do better in these regards.

Nonetheless, it is still helpful to understand what type of person I am.  These are some of the positions I believe in myself, though as a representative I also believe it is my duty to listen, understand and most importantly represent your point of view.  I stand by my beliefs publically and am willing to discuss them with anyone, though I am always open to alternate points of view.  I am willing to admit I didn’t have all the evidence to back up a particular position, and change my mind when presented with new evidence.

I believe this is core to being a member of the Legislative Assembly – to truly speak with and for the people.

Local employment

The Labor-Greens coalition have used the Gungahlin Planning Refresh to remove the employment focus of the Gungahlin region, in direct opposition to both their own community consultation, and that of the Gungahlin Community Council. Gungahlin does not want to become a dormitory region for the other town centres. We want local employment opportunities for all demographics.

Mental health support in schools

The wait time for a student in public school to see the school psychologist is around 20 weeks. That is a whole semester waiting for an initial session. That is absolutely not good enough. The ratio of students to psychologists is over 500:1. That is absolutely not good enough.

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We all have the right to feel safe in our homes and communities.  Gungahlin has experienced so much growth and has more to come, and we need to ensure our police are adequately resourced.

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Anti-corruption measures for our ACT government

An independent commission against corruption was a core part of my 2016 campaign. All parties agreed to establish an ICAC. The Labor/Greens coalition has established an under-resourced Integrity Commission, and this must be empowered.


Gungahlin population projections indicate we need more school capacity at all year levels.  The government is still not addressing college capacity.  Gungahlin College runs classes until 8pm on Wednesdays to cope with enrolment levels.
In addition, schools in Kaleen and Giralang are needing attention, particularly with the development of Lawson.


Gungahlin has grown to the point where we need additional health care resources.  With the construction of a new hospital in Belconnen, Gungahlin is unlikely to get funding for one soon.

Coping with COVID

We have all sacrificed so much in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will have an opportunity to emerge from this crisis with a new outlook on many aspects of life. We need to make sure we take the opportunities.

We also had certain liberties taken from us along the way, such as being able to have friends visit, or the right to a trial by a jury of our peers. We must ensure to correct oversight for these measures that would be called overreaching in any other situation.