State-of-the-art Indoor Sports Centre in Casey

State-of-the-art Indoor Sports Centre in Casey

Gungahlin is severely lacking in sporting facilities across the board. Near the top of that list is a multi-purpose Indoor Sports Centre.

Part of our COVID recovery is going to be investing in infrastructure – that much is clear. The types, locations, and delivery models are still up for debate. Physical and mental health benefits should be a significant focus of this.

I’ve already committed to outdoor sporting upgrades around Gungahlin, and now we need our first major indoor facility too.

There is a large, unused parcel of land opposite Casey Market Town. I have a vision for a state-of-the-art Indoor Sports facility, and that land is one possibility it could go. Another Casey – this one in Melbourne – has an impressive indoor sports facility that shows commitment to community health and wellbeing. It is an accessible and inclusive facility.

There are 2,000 students studying within 800 meters and a retirement village even closer. People of all ages will be able to enjoy indoor recreation at the centre.

How could we deliver this?

The ACT Government invested $28.7 million in the Gungahlin Leisure Centre. YMCA are the management partners for the centre, and residents pay to use the facilities including the pool and the gym.

Both of these elements would be used at this Indoor Sports centre; a partnership for management of the centre, and a user-pays system for members of the public.

A transparent tender process will find the right partner. The successful tenderer will be interested in building community connections and fostering healthy lifestyles.


  • Hold a community consultation with all of Gungahlin to determine what specific facilities and fit-outs Gungahlin residents want.
  • Commission design work for a new Indoor Sports Centre within the first year of Government.
  • Once designed, I will lobby to secure funding to build the sports centre as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “State-of-the-art Indoor Sports Centre in Casey

  1. Grant Davoren

    Hi David,

    This is something that we are hoping to see be developed for the Gungahlin region. Currently there is a massive shortage of multi-purpose indoor sport venues in the area. As a small business we rely on indoor venues to run our Futsal programs. Over the last 2 years of our business it has become very evident how hard it is to book an indoor venue with many of our schools gyms being unavailable.


    Grant Davoren
    Accelerate Football

    1. David Pollard Post author

      It is one of the top requests for the people of Gungahlin too, so I want to see it happen. We still have the land available, but Gungahlin is reaching the final stages of development, so it has to happen soon.

  2. Clare Gallon

    It’s not just Gungahlin that are crying out for something like this, it’s the whole of the community. Local clubs and associations need to be behind this 100%, otherwise we will continue to struggle with a growing population and aging facilities. Basketball being rained out every week is ridiculous.

    1. David Pollard Post author

      Absolutely. Gungahlin has the land and the population to support this, but I would see it used by half of Canberra.
      Community support is the only way something like this will happen, so spread the word! If you speak with any candidates this election, ask them what they will do to bring an Indoor Sports centre to Gungahlin.


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