College capacity in Gungahlin – Extending Gold Creek School

College capacity in Gungahlin – Extending Gold Creek School

Gungahlin is the fastest growing region in Canberra, and public school capacity is constantly playing catch up. As the primary and high school students grow up, there is not enough college capacity in Gungahlin.

Gungahlin students complete their year 11 and 12 studies at Gungahlin College. The school is so full, that classes run until 8pm one day a week. To the school and Principal’s credit, they have made the most of their situation, but it is time to plan for the future.

Gold Creek School in Nicholls offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum from preschool to year 10. This is different from most other schools in Canberra, and ideally should be continued through college. Currently, students leaving Gold Creek School in year 10 move to Gungahlin College and switch to the standard ACT curriculum.

Students wishing to continue their IB education must commute to Melba Copland Secondary School, Narrabundah College, The Canberra College, or switch to the private system and attend Grammar/Girls Grammar.

I will be seeking agreement from a major party to extend Gold Creek School to college years and to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This will add to the choice of location and education style for Gungahlin students. As well, it will provide sorely needed college capacity to address the Gungahlin population.

College Facilities

Gungahlin College has excellent facilities for the courses it offers, including modern science laboratories, a theatre, visual arts studios, sports science and fitness facilities, kitchens, and workshops.

College students at Gold Creek School will need new facilities to cater for their continued education. They will need similar facilities as already available in Gungahlin, however I will be looking to set the school apart with unique offerings.


  • Seek support from a major party to expand Gold Creek School to include College years, and the IB Diploma Programme.
  • Support the International Baccalaureate curriculum at any public schools wishing to obtain IB authorisation.
  • Construct additional facilities at Gold Creek School to comfortably accommodate Gungahlin students.


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