ACT Active Kids Sports vouchers

ACT Active Kids Sports vouchers

NOTICE: Active Kids vouchers for the ACT was an election commitment made by myself and other political parties who did not form government. Neither Labor or the Greens who did form government made this commitment. As such, I do not know if or when these vouchers will be brought to Canberra. Please let me know if you are interested in this policy so I can continue to lobby for it.

Every child should have the opportunity to play sport with a community club. Sports vouchers for school children will knock down barriers for families.

I will be introducing the ACT Active Kids program, based on NSW Active Kids. School-enrolled children will be eligible to receive an annual $150 sports vouchers towards club registration/membership/participation costs, including dance.

Almost every other state or territory in Australia supports their children in joining a community sports team, and it is about time we do too.

Under the ACT Active Kids program, families can apply for a voucher for each eligible student in their family. Families can put those vouchers toward registration, participation, or membership costs with approved ACT Active Kids providers.

This initiative will tie in to improvements to local sports and recreation facilities in Yerrabi. The aim of the program is to foster a love of sport, and active lifestyles.

Encouraging children to try out team sports can set them up for a healthier lifestyle, but financial barriers can get in the way. Annual sports vouchers per child will make it easier for families to make that choice.

What about cross-border sports?

A common question I get asked is if my proposal would be compatible with the NSW program. Currently, NSW families can only spend their voucher with NSW clubs. ACT children who play sport with a NSW based club don’t get the subsidy like their teammates do.

I see no reason why our governments cannot cooperate and put the wellbeing of our children ahead of borders. I will lobby the NSW government to allow use of the Active Kids vouchers from each side of the border.


  • Introduce the ACT Active Kids program.
  • Lobby the NSW government to cooperate on where Active Kids sports vouchers can be spent.


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