Join my party

The new “David Pollard Independent” party will allow me some of the benefits reserved for parties, and refused to ungrouped candidates. Primarily, this will allow me my own column on the ballot papers.

If you want to show your support, please fill in a secure membership application. I need as many founding members as possible to register the party, so please share with family and friends.

My party rules detail how my party is run. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch.

Benefits of membership

While I strive to represent all constituents equally, membership with my party has some benefits. Founding members are any members who have joined in the first 60 days of the party being registered.

  • All founding members are invited to certain free events, such as my campaign launch and election night.
  • All founding members will be invited to participate in a review of the party constitution on the successful election of a candidate.
  • All members are invited to ticketed events with a member discount.
  • All members who are business owners can request* a spotlight article/interview to highlight their business.
  • All members who run community groups or organisation (including sport, hobbies, residents associations, etc) can request* a spotlight article/interview to highlight their activities.

* requests subject to review and approval

Benefits of a party

Parties have certain rights and responsibilities over non-party candidates.

  • Parties with at least 2 candidates get their own column on the ballot paper. While voters who are looking for me on the ballot paper will find me even if I am ungrouped, having a dedicated column makes it easier for a voter to notice and remember my name on election day.
  • Parties can accept tax deductible donations at any time. Non-party candidates can only accept tax deductible donations for a few weeks before the election.
  • Parties can access the electoral roll. This is helpful to verify the identity of constituents and helps me divide my attention appropriately between Canberra-wide issues, and those affecting my constituents.
  • Parties must lodge regular financial returns. Parties are held to account by Elections ACT and must comply with regular reporting.