Local Business on the Light Rail Corridor

Local Business on the Light Rail Corridor

Local business is an important driving force for our community, and needs to be supported.

I recently spoke with David “Cookie” Cook of Cookies Cycles in Franklin (website, Facebook). We discussed his business, and the struggles he faced during Light Rail construction, bushfires, and Covid restrictions.

It’s been a tough time for him, as it has been for many of us. During construction of Light Rail, business got to the point that Cookie had to let staff go to make ends meet. Just as things were looking up again, along came the bushfires and now Covid.

Covid treated us all differently, and it wasn’t too unkind to the personal exercise industry. When people couldn’t go to their gym, they looked at alternates like cycling. This meant that Cookies Cycles wasn’t eligible for JobKeeper or other Covid financial support.

Now though, as national and global stock of bikes, scooters, and accessories are running low, there is no help available on the horizon when this industry will need it the most. Cookie soldiers on.

Queue the latest hurdle. Over a year ago, the government updated legislation on “movable signs” to prohibit signs being placed within the Light Rail corridor. It has gone somewhat unenforced until recently.

Cookies Cycles is on a service road off Flemington Road. For 5 years, they have had a sign at the entrance to their service road so people can find them. Suddenly, rangers have started enforcing the legislation from April 2019.

Fyshwick businesses that are off the main street have prominent tenancy directories at the front. Something similar would ensure that signage along the Light Rail corridor is consistent and presentable.

It’s important at this time we are supporting our local business, not making life more difficult than it already is.


I am still considering options to help business while considering the aesthetic along the Light Rail Corridor. Tell me what you think about adding consistent and tasteful tenancy directories to Flemington Road at the start of service roads. Do you have any other suggestions?

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