How to vote for David Pollard Independent

How to vote for David Pollard Independent

The short version: Vote 1 & 2 for David Pollard and Stephanie Pollard, and then number any candidates as you see fit, or leave the rest blank

The beauty of being a true Independent is that I will work with any party to fight for you, so I encourage you to put your #3 and beyond votes to any party or candidate you wish. I will be able to see where these votes go (though not who made each vote), and will be able to respect your consolidated preferences in my dealings with other MLAs.

It is technically a valid vote to only vote a single preference (hopefully me), though to make your vote work as hard as possible, you should try and number as many boxes as you can. Do not put a number next to someone you do not want in the Assembly.

In the ACT Election, parties cannot direct the flow of your preferences. You are in complete control of what your vote does.

I’ve got more detail about how your #1 vote works if you would like to go deeper in to it.

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