Public Transport Association of Canberra

Public Transport Association of Canberra

How would you improve Canberra’s public transport network?

I support public transport as a viable option for people to fully participate in life in Canberra. This requires a public transport system that is frequent, reliable, affordable, convenient, and affordable.

I do not have any specific policies to improve public transport in Canberra. It has not been raised as a common issue during my campaign. This suggests that Yerrabi is generally happy with the direction of public transport, and as such I am not looking to make any sweeping changes.

I believe in empowering organisations such as PTCBR. I have made a commitment to the Gungahlin Community Council that I would like to see taken up by all MLAs with their respective Community Councils, as well as organisations like PTCBR. A commitment like this is how we continue to work together to achieve the best outcomes for Canberra.

What is your position on extending Canberra’s light rail network?

I support extending Canberra’s light rail network to cover all of Canberra. The only political question that remains is “how” we should achieve this, not “if”.

I would prefer if the rollout could be more ambitious and be complete in few separate phases, to ensure we complete the network ASAP. This would also prevent the issue being raised again and again each election. This is not an evidence-based position, and as such is not a formal policy. I have no plans to pursue this direction, though I would like to see it explored further.

Do you intend to end or reduce any existing public transport services?

No, I have no intention to weaken public transport in Canberra, or support policies that weaken it.

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